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Do you find yourself compare yourself to others?

Do you listen to the self-critic saying you are not enough? 

Do you feel lost and alone in this confusion and get bogged down by "what if's" that lead you nowhere?

Do you always need to be prepared and in control of everything?

Do you think you struggle with self-esteem issues, anxiety, stress, and depressive symptoms?


I work with adults, couples & teens affected by everyday anxiety and stress; who strive toward unattainable perfection based on influences by societal standards. In our work together I will support you to face the defenses of self-judgment, loneliness, fear, weakness, and embarrassment and start the emotional navigation process.  We sort through the confusion, explore the root of your issues, begin to shed the doubt and empower you towards self-love and acceptance.


My style is down-to-earth, warm, easy-going and playful; I strongly feel fun and laughter is vital in daily doses.  


My therapeutic goals:


  • To create a secure and safe place


  • Build a collaborative therapeutic process in self-reflection and exploration.


  • Connect with others and provide sensitivity to mental health concerns, taking into account, societal, family, and peer influences and pressures involving a client.


  • To provide a non-judgemental and supportive environment.


  •  Promote the acceptance of mistakes and help to view failure as a step toward change. 

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I offer a FREE 30-minute phone consultation to explore if we're a good fit before your first appointment!

For any questions you have, you can reach me here:

Institute of Mindful Therapy

1250 Pine Street 100/101

Walnut Creek, Ca 94596

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