I pronounce my last name "Vill- Yena" and use she/ her pronouns.  


I'm a mother, partner, artist, mover, forever student, yogi, grief, depression and anxiety survivor.  I value connection, respect, inner reflection, playfulness, collaboration, and creating a life of honesty and purpose.


My Approach

I have an integrative approach: I focus on all dimensions of your experience — cognitive, creative, energetic, physical, emotional, and spiritual. I hope to enrich mind-body dialog, connection, and awareness. 


In our work, I utilize Person-Centered, Relational, Attachment Styles, Cognitive Behavioral, Yoga Movement and Psychodynamic therapies as foundations to help facilitate insight into your experience, while using expressive arts and mindfulness exercises to support the process. 


As a minority, I understand the social and generational issues involved with being a minority in the United States.  I am eager to help those with difficulty finding their place and voice using expressive arts therapy to express emotions and promote education towards understanding.


I am aware of the stigma involved in seeking mental health assistance and strive to educate on the importance of attaining quality mental health care in diverse communities. I want to provide support for overall mental, emotional, social balance, and health. I believe I can bring a unique set of knowledge and experience and gain a wealth of experience working with you. I am your witness, mentor, coach,  and companion along with your exploration.  My highest priority is to remind you; you are not alone.  



My Path

Through my creative self-exploration and therapy I was able to embrace the beauty and challenges of being a girl, woman, partner, and mother; and accept my childhood and adolescent experiences as an American-Filipina. 


I was born in the midwest from immigrant parents and lived most of my life in the bay area; as I matured, I found myself lost in different cultures as I struggled to form an identity of my own. I grew up looking different and feeling different.  I have a large scar on my face and struggle with my appearance and self-esteem issues. 


Therapy, art, movement, yoga and mindfulness played a vital role in helping me to get in touch with my feelings and emotions, gain confidence, and self-acceptance.  It became essential for me to help others who also struggle to express themselves, gain self-understanding, to develop their own identities and help them to accept themselves just as they are.



  • California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists - CAMFT

  • East Bay California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists - EBCAMFT

  • International Expressive Arts Therapy Association - IEATA

  • Northern California Art Therapy Association - Nor Cata 

  • Yoga Alliance ID RYT200: 1611894