Who I Work With

I provide support to individuals, couples, and teens with these diverse issues:







Communication Issues

Low Self Esteem

Life and Career Transitions

Women's Issues

Trauma (personal, societal, racial, intergenerational & historical)


Grief & Loss


Pregnancy Loss 

Cross-Cultural issues, immigration & acculturation

Loneliness and Social Anxiety

Relationship Issues

Sexuality and Gender

Health, Medical Conditions and Disability

Care-taking support

Older Adults

I offer general counseling as well as some special focus areas with:


Mother and Daughter Hugging

The working mother-client can often be overlooked in treatment for Mental Health issues.  Mothers are held to a certain standard of taking care of everything for the family and children and can experience challenges in self-expectation of living up to societal expectations.  


Expressive Art, Person-Centered approach and arts therapies provide creative healthy outlets to generate overall well-being.  These approaches can also improve communal support, and identify ways to achieve better mental health support.  A happy mama is a happy home.


Romantic Couple Enjoying View

Working with couples to facilitate conversations, create better understanding, open communication, and establish respect towards one another.  Utilizing Attachment Theory, Family Roles and Gottman Therapy.


Grass and Flowers

Fertility issues can be a lonely and confusing path. Fertility treatments alone are emotionally alienating and physically taxing on the body. There are so many unanswered questions of "why me", guilt and shame. 


Fertility issues can feel as if your body has betrayed you leaving you feeling as if you are not enough.  Therapy provides the mental health support needed to navigate through this difficult time and can help reestablish the miscommunication from the mind and body, realign perspectives and help you to embrace who you are.    



Legs in Jeans

As a mother, I understand the importance of establishing communication and understanding of the teen.  Teens are part of a different generation, one built on social media where information is easily accessible, causing anxiety, stress, and trauma.  A teen needs to feel heard and understood and may have difficulty conveying feelings to parents and peers in fear of being judged; and teens may have difficulty expressing, verbalizing and understanding emotions. 


I utilize a Person-Centered approach, talk therapy, expressive arts and play therapy to build a therapeutic alliance.  Working with me a teen has a place to feel ok with who they are in that moment, in a non-judgemental environment, where trust and security can be established to promote self-confidence and help navigate through life in a positive way.



Compassionate. Mindful. Therapy